Welcome to Rootbangalore.com

'ROOT BANGALORE' represents every single Veerashaivist and Veerashaiva communities in various villages in Srilanka and work for enhancement and upliftment of the community.

We wholeheartedly invite members from all Veerashaiva communities to join with us and work in harmony to establish a dignified and prosperous community. Initially we start an educational project for our younger generation with the help of some well-wishers in Bangalore and Srilanka.

In India, Veerashaiva is politically, socially and institutionally very powerful in Karnataka state. There are a lots of institutions and maths those are very successfully organized by Veerashaivist for centuries. But, in Srilanka we have scattered, lost our true dignified identity . There are no pivotal organization to study the resources and barriers. We have neglected ourselves . We can easily do a lot of vital projects that will be beneficial for our next generation by affiliating with the mainland Karnataka.

‘We are not abandoned or hopeless.’

The 'ROOT BANGALORE' functions as a center stage to direct you to establish various institutions and implement your own ideas in different fields to uplift our community. We shall profoundly institutionalize our society with collective talents of every Veerashaiva intellectuals and knowledgeable persons. Let us share our knowledges and experiences for the good of our society.

‘‘what belongs to God must return to him and what came from society must be given back to the society by way of selfless service.'’